About Sydney Maurice Recruitment

Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, Sydney Maurice Recruitment has 14 years of experience in recruitment and providing candidates for employers. We work with employers and candidates from across the whole of the UK, simplifying the vetting process to provide candidates suited to your specification and desired skill set, working with you until the ideal candidate is chosen.

Our Aims

We always aim to use our vast experience and knowledge to match the right candidate for the right role, to ensure they can prosper and thrive.

We also aim to help the businesses by locating and sourcing the correct talent, understanding their vision, and providing a candidate that shares that vision to help them achieve their business goals.

Our Process

We have developed our recruitment process over the years to ensure its seamless and beneficial in creating strong relationships, determining available opportunities and support systems to eliminate barriers in the process.

We insist on meeting employers face-to-face, this allows us to get a deeper understanding of your needs and the type of employees you are searching for. Our team also offer advertising and sourcing services, allowing us to attract clients who will be ideal additions to your workforce.

Our team are always hands-on in the recruitment process to ensure candidates locate the right job suited to their skill set, our service includes:

  • Custom Solutions
  • External and Internal Candidate Search
  • Referrals
  • Targeted Searches
  • Complete Reference Checks

Our main role is to connect our clients with candidates that are best suited to your roles and have the highest potential to thrive in the role.

Contact our experienced team for the current vacancies we have available to candidates from across the whole UK.