Interview Tips

Take some advice to help you perform to the best of your potential at an interview. These interview

tips will help even the most inexperienced interviewees to shine:

1. Common questions. Consider the most likely questions that you are
going to be asked before you even get to the interview. This way you are ready
and won’t get stuck for something to say. The most frequent interview questions can all be
prepared for.

2. Research. Knowing a thing or two about your potential employer will
assist you in the interview. It will help you to tailor your responses and to
show you are keen. Spend some time reading the corporate website at least.

3. Consider appearances. In most businesses looking smart is a given
so you should think about what to wear carefully. True,
some places take a more relaxed attitude to attire, but you cannot go wrong
with conventional office wear to create a professional first impression.

4. Focus. On the day of an interview, allow plenty of time to get there
without rushing or being stressed by delays. Take everything you might need such as
notebooks, pens and a copy of your CV. Remember to look your interviewer
directly in the eye, focusing on what they are saying.

5. Smile. A smile can be a powerful tool at a first meeting. Even if
you feel nervy, make sure you smile because it will make you come across as
friendly and relaxed.

6. Ask something. Never say you have nothing to ask at the interview.
It makes you seem disinterested so always have a few questions to ask your interviewer planned
in advance.

7. Make notes. Even if you are taking everything in, making a note
creates the impression that you are paying full attention. This is one of the
best interview techniques for people who want to come across as conscientious.

8. End positively. When the interview is approaching an end try to
conclude on a positive note. This could be as simple as saying something like,
“I look forward to hearing from you.”

Even if you get put off mid-way through an interview by a difficult question, try to regain your
composure and move on. All is not lost if something goes wrong. Remember that
it may have tripped up other interviewees too.


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